All installations performed by Tri County Installations, Inc (TCI) shall have a 90 day guarantee on labor and materials used from date of completed job. Any merchandise found to be tampered with or removed by anyone other than an authorized representative of TCI will void the installation warranty and indemnify TCI against any and all future claims. If certain plumbing or electrical hookups are not provided on the job site at the time of installation, there will be no warranty in effect for an incomplete installation. TCI will not be held liable for any damage on floor models, scratch and dent, or any opened items. All old appliances will be removed from premises unless previously requested otherwise. TCI will not warranty or accept any claims of water damage due to the failure of preassembled water line supply kits not supplied by or purchased through TCI. All claims regarding water line failures need to be filed directly with the manufacturer. Attention check writers: when you provide a check as payment, you authorize us to use information from the check to make a one time electronic fund transfer from your account, or to process the payment as a check transaction. You authorize us to collect a fee through electronic funds transfer from your account if your payment is returned unpaid. All unpaid invoices will result in a mechanic lien placed on the property. The owner will then be liable for all penalties, interest, costs and attorney’s fees associated with collections and/or execution of said lien.